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Dongguan BOMA Machinery CO,.LTD.

Dongguan boma Machinery Co. Ltd, Dongguan power aid hardware machinery factory, founded in 2005, in 2014 the company introduced the technical personnel of the Taiwan shares, is now a joint venture in Taiwan, is a collection research and development, production and sales of automation machinery manufacturers, in 2012 the company developed the world's first dual zone automatic booster automatically. The last injection machine, not only to enhance the quality of shoe last, and yield is higher than the traditional machine more than 30%, more than 20% energy saving electricity pressure embryo machine than the traditional shoe, one can also operate 2 to 3 sets of equipment, in the first of the servo system of shoe last into the injection molding machine, is another breakthrough in energy saving the last of the injection molding machine, the mechanical burmah has passed the European CE certification, are exported to Europe, Indonesia, Africa, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

Burmah machinery will work steadily in the spirit of innovation, practical, Burma machinery will provide a more efficient energy saving equipment sincere service to every customer with professional technology. Burmah machinery is willing to work with new and old customers to create brilliant.

Thank you for using BOMA-120D injection molding machine last Burma.

BOMA-120D energy-saving servo automatic injection molding machine is a new type of shoe last injection molding machine of our development, the machine adopts servo drive control circuit, in the product packing case, the pump motor is stopped, save electricity and increase the service life of the machine.

The machine adopts PLC control, touch screen display all analog signal output and input, input signal monitoring of all switches, abnormal alarm alarm lamp, and text display, let the exception handling machine adopts Taiwan energy saving stick out a mile, the frequency motor and open-loop vector control variable frequency speed of the screw, set screw according to different materials speed, make the machine more efficient.

The machine adopts low noise square reducer, the connecting screw rod cone bearing design in the speed reducer, the speed reducer is driven by the rotation of the lubricating oil pump to each bearing all the lubricating oil circulating, to reduce friction reducer, speed reducer to reduce resistance.

Screw injection molding machine is the heart of the machine, carrier conveying, melting, mixing, molding, metering and exhaust function, is a key factor affecting the quality of the selection of suitable plasticizing, screw and rod, can not only improve the plasticizing quality and shorten the molding cycle, improve production capacity, can also reduce the loss rate of bad products, and artificial power, has an important significance, Ming changed over time, and with the wise thing, burmah machine after years of exploration and consult more than at home and abroad screw design professionals, according to the analysis and study of HDPE plastic material, design more energy efficient screw.

The company reserves the right to the continuous improvement of the machine, without notice.

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