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Fully automatic rubber injection molding machine is a very common type of rubber production equipment. Its wide range of applications is often seen in

On Monday (May 11) boma Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, the introduction of the German machinery and equipment, although compared with 2011 share decreased (2011 to 16.5%), 2012 German machinery and equipment export value accounted for the proportion of total world exports of machinery and equipment is still ranked first, 16.1%. Ranking second, third were the United States and China, the share was 12.1% and 11.2%. Japan ranked 11% in fourth.

In spite of the deterioration of the economic environment, the gross mechanical equipment in 2012 increased by almost 8%, and the total global mechanical exports rose to about 931000000000 euros. The growth rate of the EU countries, the overall growth of only 1.3%. German machinery exports to other EU countries, the total value of 6.4%, higher than the overall export growth rate (5.1%).

Over the years the EU has gradually lost the dominant position in the global machinery export market. 2009 after the economic crisis, the EU's machinery exports to the market share of about 33% shrunk to about 29%. From the point of view of the export situation of all industries, the total global export value increased by 54% since 2009, while the EU countries only grew by 32%.

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