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BOMA machinery: the automatic rubber injection machine requires three skills

Fully automatic rubber injection machine is a kind of rubber production use of a very common equipment. It has so many advantages, so in the market reputation is very good, it has very many kinds, so the application scope is widespread, in people's daily lives often simple in its presence. But it's not an easy thing to store it.. So what skills do you need to master in storage? The following will be a brief introduction to you..

1, automatic rubber injection machine in storage, first of all to choose a suitable position, the general should choose a clean environment, it is a help to the nature of the metal protection products. So when it is stored, try to choose a ventilation and dry environment, so that greatly improve the service life, but also to reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble.

2, before the automatic rubber injection machine is saved, if it is stored for a long time, you need to disassemble the parts of it and after cleaning in storage, so on the one hand for easy storage, on the other hand is easy to clean.

3, in the storage time, try not to contact with corrosive products, this will greatly reduce the automatic rubber injection machine corrosion risk.

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