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Use the fully automatic rubber injection molding machine to pay attention to what details

In today's society, the application of automatic rubber injection molding machine is very wide.. It has very many kinds, so people in the use of the process, reduce a lot of labor, but also greatly improve the production efficiency, the development of enterprises has brought a very big help, so well received by the vast number of consumers welcome. So, when the installation need to pay attention to what details? The following is a brief introduction to everyone.

1, automatic rubber injection molding machine in the use process, be sure to each member of it are examined, if it is found that the damage of the components should be timely for the replacement or repair, so to prevent damage to the greater. If it is serious, it will not be used, which will result in greater economic damage..

2, using automatic rubber injection molding machine, because he is an automated production, so people often in the operation of the left, in fact, this is very insecure, in the time of operation, staff don't leave without permission, if you really want to leave, be sure to turn off the mechanical power, so as to ensure the safety of use, to prevent accidents. So in the course of use should pay attention to listen to the sound of it, if the abnormal sound, should stop using the inspection is completed in the use, so that the use of security effectively.

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