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Double screw extruder need to carry out regular maintenance

Twin screw extruder in use process need regular maintenance, generally in a twin screw extruder continuous operation 2500-5000h stop machine needs out screw inspection, measurement and identification of the main components of the wear, replacement has reached the prescribed limit of wear parts, repair the damaged parts. Twin screw extruder is not allowed to run empty, so as to avoid damage to the screw and machine. When the extruder runs if the abnormal sound, the small business story. Should stop immediately, check or repair. To prevent metal or other debris falling into the hopper, so as to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In order to prevent iron debris from entering the barrel, the magnetic frame at the feeding inlet of the material entering the barrel of the barrel is provided, or the material is pre screened. When the extruder needs a long time to stop using, the screw extruder of the twin - screw extruder should be placed in the machine - simply do not remove, and die etc, and the work surface is coated with anti - rust grease. Calibrate the temperature control instrument regularly, and check the correctness and sensitivity of the adjustment.. The reduction box of the extruder is the same as the general standard reducer. Mainly check the gears, bearings and other wear and failure conditions. Reducer should be specified using the machine instructions of lubricating oil, according to the provisions of the oil surface height adding oil, oil liquid is too small, poor lubrication, reduction in part service life; too much oil, heating, energy consuming oil is easy to deteriorate, also make the lubrication failure, causing parts damage consequences. More information about the twin screw extruder, welcome to visit the company website to understand, we will be quality products and sincere service welcome your calls!

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